Private sailboat tours New York City on sailing yacht Black Strap (New York City, New Jersey, Hudson, New York Harboar NYC)

Sailing Updates
August 7, 2015
Yacht Tour NYC - Gotham Sailing

Gotham Sailing racing team at Thursday night PHRF race in New York Harbor

July 27, 2015
Yacht Charter NYC - Gotham Sailing

We've had so far 5 Engagement Proposals on Black Strap this season. All 5 said YES! Yacht charter in NYC is the memorable way to propose your loved one

July 19, 2015
Sailing NYC - Gotham Sailing

While sailing on New York Harbor our guests can experience helming Black Strap or trimming sales. We are welcome "active" sailing on our sailing yacht

July 17, 2015
Private Sailing Charter NYC - Gotham Sailing

Our racing team participates in Thursday night PHRF races on New York Harbor on sailing yacht Black Strap. What a fun time to spend perfect summer evening on the water right next to Manhattan!

July 11, 2015
Sunset Cruise NYC - Gotham Sailing

Sunset as seen from aboard of Black Strap - can't get better than this! Private sailing trip on our charter sailing yacht Black Strap is a perfect way to see NYC

July 4, 2015
Lafayette Parade of Ships in New York Harbor - Gotham Sailing

Black Strap joined Lafayette Parade of Ships to welcome Hermione to New York on July 4th

June 26, 2015
Sunset Cruise NYC - Gotham Sailing

Birthday Boy is enjoying the present - private sunset sailing cruise on Black Strap

June 22, 2015
Sunset Sail NYC - Gotham Sailing

Sunset cruise of NYC on Black Strap. Herb D'Entremont of Sea Biscuit sailing team took this picture of Black Strap at last week's New York Harbor PHRF race. Private sunset sail in New York Harbor is very popular among our guests

June 19, 2015

Sunset cruise on New York Harboar is a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion. Sailing yacht Black Strap will take you on a memorable trip to Liberty, Ellis and Governors islands, up the Hudson or East river

June 17, 2015
Sunset Boat Cruise New York City - Gotham Sailing

Right after last night's storm passed by sailboat cruise guests were treated with an amazing sunset at the birthday sail

June 14, 2015
Private Boat Tour New York City - Gotham Sailing

Birthday sunset sail on Black Strap. Private sailboat trip around Manhattan is a great birthday present

June 9, 2015
Private Boat Tour New York City - Gotham Sailing

Private sunset sailboat tour on New York Harbor around NYC is a great way to celebrate wedding anniversary!

June 7, 2015
Private Boat Tour New York City - Gotham Sailing

Last week sailing yacht Black Strap got new racing sails. Today our Old Lady reached 8 knots through water speed in 23 knots apparent wind from 100 degrees while on a private sailboat tour to the Liberty Island in New York Harbor. Our sailing charter guests enjoyed views of Manhattan, Jersey City and Brooklyn and even participated in trimming the sails of the sailboat

May 30, 2015
Private Boat Tour New York City - Gotham Sailing

Our guests enjoyed NYC on a private boat tour. Sailing yacht Black Strap sailed from Pier 25 in Manhattan to Liberty Island then across New York Harbor to Red Hook, around Governers Island and into East River under Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Our private sailboat charter then took tour guests back to the Hudson River up to Chelsea and finnaly the sailing yacht sailed back to Pier 25

Private Boat Charter NYC - Gotham Sailing


Private Boat Charter NYC - Gotham Sailing

The Boat

Private Boat Charter NYC - Gotham Sailing

The Marina